Newsletter May 2020

We are open for business. While the COVID-19 crisis has caused dramatic changes to our lives and business, Oakridge Landscape has continued to provide un-interrupted service to our customers. Business Developers are available for onsite consultation. Project Managers are still engaged on every project. Estimators continue to provide proposals for your projects …  

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Newsletter March 2020

It seems like spring is getting earlier each year, and when we count the number of 70-degree days in February, it is easy to be optimistic that spring has sprung early. This opens up a host of opportunities in our industry to capitalize on the good weather that makes the rest of the nation envious…

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Newsletter February 2020

In the month of love, it would seem appropriate for a landscape company to talk about roses. Afterall, if you had roses in your own yard, you could simply grab your pruning shears and cut a fresh dozen for your loved one and forego the “Valentine’s Day Special” at 1.800.Flowers for $89.99. And your very…

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Newsletter January 2020

The rainy season, albeit short in Southern California, brings with it many challenges for our industry. Construction schedules are impacted, similar to landscape maintenance service, but on the flipside, erosion control hits its peak season. Planning for these challenges in advance will influence the outcome you desire. Here are some things to look out for:…

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